Cetop 5 (NG10) Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valves – EDFHG-03




These valves are double-deck directional and flow control valves employing as their pilot the electro-hydraulic proportional pressure reducing valves with two proportional solenoids. The flow rate can be controlled by changing an input current to the solenoids and the direction of the flow can be controlled by providing the current to either solenoid of the two. By combining the valves with the power amplifiers specially designed for the valves, the speed control, acceleration, deceleration and directional control can be done with a single valve, which eventually makes the hydraulic circuits simple and contributes the cost of the hydraulic systems.

Additional information
Rated Flow

100 – (100 LPM), 100 – (100 LPM), 100 – (100 LPM), 100 – (100 LPM)

Spool Type

3C2, 3C2, 3C40, 3C40

Direction of Flow

XY – (Meter In/Meter Out), XY – (Meter In/Meter Out), XY – (Meter In/Meter Out), XY – (Meter In/Meter Out)

Pilot Connection

None – (Internal Drain), E – (External Drain), None – (Internal Drain), E – (External Drain)

Product Data Sheet

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